Brembo Purpose

Driven by our vision

“Turning Energy into Inspiration”

Electrification, digitalisation, autonomous driving, and environmental sustainability are macro-trends that have been at the centre of the automotive world and the strategies of the market’s main players for some years.

Within this scenario, Brembo has been pursuing its mission of becoming a Solution Provider by proactively rising to the challenges posed by the ongoing transformation, focusing on the needs and desires of the new generations, which will be the users of tomorrow.

Brembo continues to invest significantly in innovation, driven by its vision “Turning Energy into Inspiration”, which encourages the Group to extend its sphere of influence to embrace energy management in its broader meaning, not only in terms of components, but also in its role as authoritative systems provider. In addition to innovative hydraulic and mechanical components, innovation is also applied to software and artificial intelligence: this combination allows aiming at a high added-value product and service integration in order to anticipate the new mobility paradigms.

SENSIFY is the tangible outcome of this vision: the first fluid-free intelligent braking system that constantly interacts with the driver with a view to shaping a world without accidents. Its launch on the market, planned for 2025, will truly revolutionise the automotive industry.

At the heart of the Group's strategic vision, there is also an overarching commitment to sustainability that has become a modus operandi within Brembo, permeating all activities, processes, and products. This sustainability-driven approach is increasingly present also in the relationship with its People, with its supply chain and in the local areas in which the Group operates.

In 2023, the Group continued to implement strategic projects within the three Pillars — Digital, Global, and Cool Brand — through dedicated working groups that leverage a shared leadership and the cross-cutting competencies of all parties involved, engaging all Group Regions and outlining the growth direction for the forthcoming future.



The world has entered the era of artificial intelligence applications focusing on data processing. The ability to analyze and manage data is a crucial skill for continuing to grow and create innovation. Accordingly, Brembo has set itself an ambitious goal: becoming a company that, alongside the production of braking systems, is able to develop and offer all-round solutions to its customers through the widespread dissemination of a solid data culture within the Group and an increasingly data-driven approach. BREMBO SOLUTIONS is a brand new unit of the Group that develops breakthrough solutions based on the “AI-DOING” approach, which combines Brembo’s experience in artificial intelligence and its application in the industrial field.


Brembo has long ago embarked upon its decentralization path and has now become a Group operating in 15 countries worldwide. Within this context, the Global Pillar aims to balance the Group’s international footprint, not only from a commercial standpoint but also in terms of technology and innovation, by developing and encouraging excellence at local level for the benefit of a global organization whose mindset is based on multiculturality, valuing of diversity, and with inclusion as a shared value. One essential asset for achieving this goal is Revelia, Brembo’s first e-commerce platform, created in China and dedicated to the consumer market. It seeks to establish a direct relationship with consumers, promote the brand with the younger generations, and collect the data increasingly necessary to supporting the business strategy.


Brembo does not set limits on creativity and considers it essential to continuously engage in strengthening its brand, anchoring it to new trends that are reconfiguring mobility in line with the values and sensibilities of the new generations, especially Generation Z. The objective is thus to identify their passion, needs, and tastes, and translate them into a unique brand experience able to generate tangible solutions. In 2023, the second edition of the Brembo Hackathon was successfully completed at the Brembo Inspiration Lab in Silicon Valley: participants immersed themselves in machine learning and artificial intelligence to revolutionize today’s braking technologies, going beyond the traditional innovation processes, in line with Brembo’s vision.