Sustainability Report

Sustainability Annual Report


Letter of the Chief Corporate Social Responsibility Officer

Chief Corporate Social Responsibility Officer

The Group

Believing in tomorrow

Convinced of the need for a new mobility that is increasingly green and on a human scale, the Brembo Group is one of the major players in the transformations taking place in the automotive sector. It is present in fifteen countries around the world and invests in research, technology and human capital.

Credere nel domani


An anniversary to be celebrated

It is the tenth anniversary of the Corporate Social Responsibility Department, which has taken a strong, systematic approach to the environment, social and governance matters — always a part of Brembo’s identity. This path continues to be strengthened, through a tangible daily commitment.

Un anniversario da celebrare

Company Structure

Robust and structured governance

Well-defined roles and competencies are the basis of an efficient and constantly evolving organisation.
Structured, robust, transparent and open-to-change governance remains a cornerstone in a rapidly changing scenario.

Tutte le competenze necessarie


A winning team

Brembo supports the professional growth and value development of its People, both as individuals and as part of an organisation.
With the same intent, it promotes multiculturalism, inclusion and integration of diversity, promoting the wellbeing of its People in the workplace.

Valorizzare il talento

The Supply Chain

Continuing to grow together

Collaborating with the supply chain and sharing the commitment to achieving sustainability goals is the challenge needed to meet the complex requirements of the automotive market’s transition.

Continuare a crescere insieme

Synergies and Innovation

The drive for innovation

Innovation as a strategic lever for maintaining global technological leadership in the automotive world.
An attitude confirmed by the many patents filed and the continuous exploration of artificial intelligence and its applications, combining design and excellence.

La propensione all'innovazione


Thinking responsibly, acting concretely

The planet is all we have and its resources are not infinite.
Its protection is a priority for the Brembo Group, which, through its strategies, operates responsibly to reduce its impact wherever it is in the world.

Un pianeta da tutelare

Local Areas

Active listening

Brembo pays great attention to the local areas where it operates around the world and, through an active dialogue with all stakeholders, outlines paths for listening to the needs of communities and forms partnerships through virtuous initiatives.

Un pensiero sociale e umanitario